Black Rhino Hunting Package

Details about the package

Hunting Black Rhino is no easy task and is not the kind of safari for the average hunter. They are very expensive and tags extremely rare. Trophy hunting a black rhino is to add to your highly sought after “Big 5” collection. Poaching and decreasing habitat size is putting a massive strain on black rhino hunting prices and population. Rhino owners must be innovative to stay ahead of the poachers and implementing protocols to protect their assets. Unfortunately implementing these plans don’t come cheap and that means the end-user pays for it. We try to minimalize our safari expenses as much as possible so we can give you the best possible price for this safari. There is a very limited number of tags issued yearly for the whole of South Africa. To legally hunt a black rhino, we require a pre-issued tag before we can even book the safari. Bow hunting black rhino is strictly forbidden and against the law. No rhino hunt can take place without a pre-issued tag. Tags are issued to bona fide hunters only. An application must be submitted to have the hunter approved before he/she arrives in the country.

Hunting black rhino is legal in South Africa but is only possible if all the strict regulations are adhered to.

Included In This Package


  • Price is calculated per inch of the rhino you wish to hunt and is subject to tag availability