Crocodile Hunting Package

Details about the package

The Nile Crocodile is the second largest crocodile species in the world, only the saltwater crocodile surpasses it. These prehistoric reptiles appear to be lazy and weary on the riverbanks, don’t be fooled. Crocodiles are very shy, wary and extremely cautious animals. It is extremely difficult to approach them by foot to within a reasonable shooting distance. Killing crocodiles quickly and cleanly requires pinpoint shot placement to anchor him because if he gets half a chance to retreat into the water he is gone forever. Only two shots can stop a crocodile effectively: Number 1 a shot into his golf ball sized brain and number 2 a shot that hits his spinal column just behind the head. Price for these safaris is calculated per size of the crocodile. Starting price is calculated with a crocodile trophy that measures 10 feet in length.

Included In This Package


  • Starting Price $6000

    Bigger available but they are POA