Elephant Hunting Package

Details about the package

The largest terrestrial mammal in the world needs no introductions. These giants need plenty of space and a lot of food. They can consume up to 600lbs(270kg) of food per day. Due to their habitat requirements most of the Elephants found in South Africa occur on large territories, many of which have open boundaries with national and provincial parks making this a true free-range hunt. Even though they are massive animals, these giants have excellent camouflage and can move surprisingly quickly and quietly. They have poor eyesight, great hearing and excellent sense of smell. All elephant hunts in South Africa have very specific prerequisites specifying the age and/or tusk weights of the targeted animals. Traditional walk and stalk is the hunting method of choice. Apart from very specific landowner hunting conditions, rules and regulations, a Threatened or Protected Species (TOPS) permit needs to be arranged prior to the commencement of a hunt. Classified as vulnerable species by the ICUN, CITES permits will also be required for this hunt. These permits are included in your package price and will be arranged for by us before your arrival.

Included In This Package


  • Starting Price $25000.00
  • Non-exportable Elephant hunts start from $17000.00