Firearm Information

If you intend to bring your own firearm please follow the instructions below

If you intend to bring a rifle with you please request a SAPS 520 form from us.

  1. SAPS 520 must be completed in black ink only (unsigned until told to do so by a South African Police official)
  2. Notarized copy of your passport (photo and signature page only) please make sure you have a minimum of two free pages in your passport and a validity of six months after your expected arrival date back home.
  3. Notarized copy of your proof of ownership of the firearm you intend to bring along on your safari (US customs form 4457)
  4. Copy of your flight schedule/ itinerary
  5. Copy of your invitation letter from Inyathi Hunting and Fishing Safaris

Please contact us if you require any additional information or for any assistance thank you.