Hippopotamus Hunting Package

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Hunting Hippo is about as dangerous as it gets. Keep in mind these are the animals that kill the most people in Africa annually after the mosquito, the only reason mosquitos kill more people is because they give people malaria. These huge, stocky mammals can only be stopped with a frontal brain shot. Shot placement is crucial, also refer to calibre and ammunition recommendations before taking on this hunt. Hippos live in water and mainly feed at night due to high temperatures and sensitive skins. Depending on the time of year hippo will be mostly active during the night. These massive herbivores are extremely territorial and thus charge immediately when they feel even slightly threatened. Average weight for a bull is around 3300lbs. So, you can imagine it’s like a runaway train coming your way at almost 60km/h. Hunting method used for hunting hippo is walk-and-stalk because they are very skittish and will either take of back into the water or charge without any warning. Hunting hippo is also considered a dangerous game hunt and requires your professional hunter to have a dangerous game license.

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  • Starting Price $9000