Leopard hunting Package

Details about the package

Leopards are definitely the most difficult of the Big 5 to hunt. They are extremely secretive animals more interested in avoiding human contact unless forced to do so. Leopards are highly intelligent. They are extremely territorial and spend most of their time patrolling and protecting their territories against other leopards. Hunting a Leopard is an experience to look forward to. Leopard hunts are popular due to the effort involved from the hunter and the professional hunting guide. Due to their elusiveness no one can guarantee a successful Leopard Safari. And it is for this reason that the package price for a leopard safari works entirely different than all our other packages. Basically, this safari is charged by means of a daily rate for the 14 days, with a Trophy fee on top of that for the Leopard which is only payable when it is successfully hunted or wounded and not retrieved. You can combine a leopard hunt with hunting any additional plains game without any additional daily rates. Price for this safari is based on hunting in South Africa. Prices may vary if requested to hunt in a neighbouring Country. This safari is also subject to tag availability. Leopard tags are highly regulated and can only be hunted with a pre-issued CITES permit.

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  • Starting Price $23000