Lioness Hunting Package

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A lioness is still worthy trophy to be taken even though you can’t fully compare it to hunting a male lion. Lionesses are the heart of the pride, the hunters and warriors. Lionesses are extremely dangerous especially when wounded or provoked a charge is a major possibility on these hunts. One should always consider the possibility that other lions can get involved. Both Males and Females make great trophies. Lion hunting has always been surrounded by a lot of controversy. We firmly believe in the use of ethical hunting methods to conduct our hunts. We are just as opposed to canned hunting like the rest of the world. We offer ethical fair chase walk and stalk hunts as it is stipulated by all governments and regulations. We do offer lioness bow hunting safaris, but it is only by request. Our prices are based on hunting lion is South Africa only, but a quotation can be made if you are interested in hunting in a neighbouring country.

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  • Starting Price $5500