Rookie Hunting Package

Details about the package

This hunting package was designed specifically for someone that has never been on a hunt in general. But this is not only designated for someone that has never been on a hunt but was put together keeping in mind that there are so many people that have either never been on a hunt or just not yet been on a hunting safari in South Africa. Trophies in this package are the most common plains game species most hunters take on their first safari. 95% of local hunters first animal they have taken is also commonly an Impala or Blesbuck because they are in abundance and some of the easier animals to bring down quickly and effectively. It’s ideal to start a hunting experience with an easy trophy to boost your confidence especially if you might be someone who has never been on a hunt before. They are also some of the more affordable trophies this helps us keep the price as low as possible so that more people can afford to tick a safari in South Africa of their bucket list. Or starting your African Hunting experiences for the years to come on the right track. It should just be mentioned that the warthog is a complimentary gift to say thank you for allowing us to give you your first taste of hunting in Africa. Warthogs are opportunity animals so if we do not run into one it is most unfortunate but the chances are relatively good we will have an opportunity at least.

Included In This Package


  • Package Price $3000

    Additional trophies can be added at a reasonable price on request