Veteran Plains Game Hunting Package

Details about the package

This package is not only for people who have been on a safari in South Africa before but has been named the veteran package for two reasons. Number 1: After you have been on this safari you will be a veteran hunter in South Africa taking a lot of plains game trophies South Africa has to offer. Number 2: You have been on a safari in South Africa before which automatically makes you a veteran. This is the ultimate plains game hunting package available at a reasonable price. The trophy list for this package is not written in stone and some adjustments can be made if there is some species you have already taken on previous safaris, some changes might affect the price slightly, but most will not have an effect on it. Trophies included in this package is:

  1. Blue Wildebeest
  2. Red Hartebeest
  3. Zebra
  4. Oryx (Gemsbuck)
  5. Impala
  6. Blesbuck
  7. Springbuck
  8. Warthog (Opportunity animal)

Included In This Package

* Warthog is not guaranteed because it is an opportunity animal. If we do come across one it is included in this package, but it is not guaranteed that’s why it is added on as a ‘complementary trophy’ and you won’t be charged anything extra for it even if its wounded. Bit this also means there won’t be any deductions from the price if we don’t find one.


  • Starting Price $10500