White Rhino Hunting Package

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The name white Rhino is derived from Wide-mouthed Rhino. Which is what they were called when they were initially discovered. The main reason why they have a wide, flat mouth is because of their diet. White rhino are bulk grass feeders and thus the wide mouth helps them to feed more efficiently. Due to their diets white rhino can predominantly be found in open grass valleys. They have poor eyesight but make up for this with excellent hearing and sense of smell. Rhinos are dangerous and can kill you, just imagine a runaway truck hitting you at about 40mph. We do not just offer normal hunting safaris of these majestic animals, but also offer green hunts. Green hunts are completely different because you don’t kill the animals, instead we give you the opportunity to tranquilize the animal. Green hunts are also utilized for research purposes. Using the time, the animal is sedated to gather required information like horn measurements and blood samples. On our hunting safaris we utilize spot, walk and stalk hunting methods. Trophy hunting for White Rhino has been permitted in South Africa since 1968. The number of Rhino available to hunt each year is determined by the rhinos’ owners, whose financial interest is maintaining a viable breeding population.

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